Ben Borgman
6 Foundational Habits & Practices of Jesus (Repeated in Session 4)
“Whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.” (1 John 2:6 ESV). If we are to obey this command in 1 John, we need to examine the earthly life of Jesus and discover what exactly were His priorities, how did He “walk”.  In this breakout we will identify 6 Foundational Habits and Practices that are seen in Jesus’ life. We will discuss how they can be applied to our lives to help us make and multiply disciples like Jesus.


Ken Braddy
How to Ask Great Questions and Lead Great Discussion
There is an art and a science to asking good discussion-generating questions. Not every question is a great discussion question! Learn how to avoid asking questions that shut down discussion, and learn how to ask the kinds of questions that boost discussion in your group.


Klover Kallas and Dr. Michelle Dickens
Caring for Church Leaders: How the Church Can Encourage Leaders in Difficult Seasons
(Repeated in Session 3)
Most of us are aware of the ways ministry leaders care for people in the church. We struggle, however, with what to do when the leaders are the ones who are hurting. Ministry leaders regularly face difficulties and discouragement. Often, few people know about what they are going through or how they can help, so they are left feeling alone. This session will examine common ministry challenges leaders face and how the Church can support and care them in those times.


Klover Kallas and Dr. Michelle Dickens
Caring for Our Shepherds: How the Church Can Encourage Pastors in Difficult Seasons
(Repeated in Session 4)
Most of us are aware of the ways our pastors care for us. We struggle, however, with what to do when our pastors are the ones who are hurting. Pastors regularly face difficulties and discouragement in life and ministry. Often, few people know about what they are going through or how they can help, so pastors are often left feeling alone. This session will examine common ministry challenges pastors face and how the Church can support and care them in those times.


James Caldwell
Safeguarding the Sanctuary: Empowering Teams for Vigilance and Care
In an era of heightened security concerns, churches must prioritize the safety of their congregations without compromising the open and welcoming spirit at the heart of their ministry. This interactive session encourages outside-the-box thinking and frank considerations on proactive measures to protect parishioners. Recognizing the challenges of volunteer teams, learn practical strategies for developing robust security protocols and fostering a culture of training, procedures, and compassionate alertness.


Lisa Foland
Creating Relational Connections in Family Ministries
Whatever your role in working with your church’s Family Ministries, it is crucial that you build strong relationships with the volunteers and the families you serve. Knowing the needs of the families in your church as you build deeper relationships will help strengthen your bond and allow you to minister in more effective ways. This session will demonstrate why relationships are so important and share practical ways you can prioritize connections with those you serve.


Kelley Lopez
Making Student Disciple-Makers
Middle and High School students are uniquely positioned to reach their peers with the hope of the Gospel. The fact is, they can reach their generation more easily than we can, but it’s on US to equip them for that work. Join this session to gain insight on Gen Z, establish your discipleship plan, and discover tips to multiply disciple-makers in your Student Ministry.


Chuck Williams
Utilizing Logos for Personal Devotions
Are you having trouble consistently getting into God’s Word? Do you feel like your spiritual walk with the Lord is at a standstill? This session will equip you with effective tools to go deeper in God’s Word with greater consistency and accountability. Pastor Chuck will show you how basic tools from Logos Bible Software area able to help keep you in the Word and growing deeper in your walk with Christ.


Reba Bowman
Empty Vessels
There are moments in all our lives when we feel like quitting. Ministry is hard and there seems to be no way through at times. This session will look at some moments in the life of Elijah that teach us how to keep pressing on when life is hard.


Josh Carter
Mobilizing Everyday Missionaries
This breakout will explore key principles for unlocking and empowering individuals within your church community to embrace their roles as everyday missionaries. Whether you’re a church leader seeking to mobilize your congregation or an individual eager to engage more deeply in mission, this session will provide valuable insights and actionable steps towards unleashing the missionary potential within the church.


Tom McCormick
Why and How Your Church Should Engage the Nations with the Gospel
Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 28:19, “Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations.” Yet, statistics tell us that 1.8 billion of in the world have still never heard the Gospel even once. God sees fully the plight and desperation of those who do not know him. In this session, you will discover the “why” of global missions and be given practical ways to be engaged and involved. Come discover how YOU can lead others to be engaged in the mission of seeing all people around the world hear the incredible news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Adam Erlichman
Why We Gather: The Necessity of Corporate Worship
Covid made people question a lot like, “Why do we gather for corporate worship when I can watch it online?” “Do I really need to attend corporate worship in person? What actually happens by gathering in person for corporate worship?” Based on Adam’s best-selling book, “Why We Gather: the necessity of corporate worship” we’ll explore compelling and convincing reasons to worship in person.


Austin Ryan
Stop Wearing All Those Hats! (Repeated in Session 4)
Every worship ministry in every micro-church, mega-church, and those in between share seven primary roles needed to make things work well. The problem is that full-time worship pastors and non-paid “volunteers” carry the exact same expectations, regardless of the amount of time they can dedicate to the tasks. This class will teach you the seven roles of every worship ministry and give you the tools you need to make sure all the roles are being accomplished with skill and passion.


Tyson James
Many Ways or THE Way?: Arguing for One of the Most Offensive Doctrines in Christianity
The message of today’s pop culture is clear—if you think you have an exclusive claim to truth, then you hate people who disagree with you. This is why the claim that Christ is THE way to God is currently one of the most offensive doctrines in Christianity. In this talk, you will learn how to persuasively defend the claim of exclusivity and why, ironically, this offensive doctrine is all about love.