Ben Borgman
Jesus is The Model for Life & Ministry (Repeat Session)
Just as important as the words and teachings of Jesus are to our daily Christian life, so too is how He did ministry.  Jesus was highly relational, intentional, and strategic.  What He modeled for us in His earthly ministry is vitally important to our lives and ministries as disciple-makers.  Join us for this practical breakout looking at the earthly ministry of Jesus so that our model for life and ministry would be His.


Reba Bowman
How the Church Delivers Hope and Healing to the Oppressed
Human trafficking, abuse and extreme poverty are three evil giants of evil that plague our world. The church is desperately needed in the fight. Jesus is the only real answer to the plight of those in such great need. In this session we will discuss the issues and how Dare for More Ministries is reaching, rescuing and equipping the church to be a light in the darkness.


Austin Ryan
The #1 Solution for a Successful Worship Ministry (Repeat Class)
Every worship ministry team has…or should have…seven core values. This class will highlight each of these values and focus in on the one that holds all of them together. Not only will you learn these core values, but you will also learn how to implement them into your own leadership and into the lives of every person on your team. Hundreds of worship teams are living out these values, and finding more and more strength and togetherness as they do.


Adam Erlichman
Solving the Volunteer Crisis
The Church today is facing a volunteer crisis! Do you have an empty volunteer bench? Are there holes in your weekly ministry program scheduling? Feel like you’re treading water to fill these volunteer spots? Are you merely surviving but want to thrive in leading your volunteer team and ministry? Learn the principles needed to increase your total volunteer base by 30-50% in 6 to 12 months.


Shauna Congelliere
Reaching the 10-40 Window in Our Backyard
There is a huge focus in missions on reaching those with little to no awareness the gospel. But not everyone is able to or needs to travel far to reach nations. The fact is, God is bringing unreached people groups right outside our own windows, and it is an opportunity we should not resist. Come learn how you can welcome in international neighbors near you and glean ideas to engage them for God’s glory.


Klover Kallas and Dr. Michelle Dickens
Caring for Church Leaders: How the Church Can Encourage Leaders in Difficult Seasons
(Repeat Class)
Most of us are aware of the ways ministry leaders care for people in the church. We struggle, however, with what to do when the leaders are the ones who are hurting. Ministry leaders regularly face difficulties and discouragement. Often, few people know about what they are going through or how they can help, so they are left feeling alone. This session will examine common ministry challenges leaders face and how the Church can support and care them in those times.


Adam Mallate
The Top 10 Things Search Committees Get Wrong
The search process for a Senior Pastor and Ministry staff is often fraught with missteps and anxiousness.  Search Teams find themselves in the difficult position of finding the next person God has for their church without a clear sense of where to begin and what direction to proceed. This session will provide a list of common mistakes made by search teams and offer a better path to finding God’s person.


Lisa Foland
How to Create a Christ-Centered Environment in Your Children’s Ministry
In this class we will discuss the importance of the creating a Christ-centered environment for your Children’s Ministry. As we choose curriculum, clarify the mission and vision of your ministry, and continually focus on kids and their families, it is easy to get our eyes off what is most important. In this class we will discuss why it is important to make sure Jesus is always kept at the center of your ministry.


Jason Battjes
Students Who Go Together Grow Together
Youth leaders often give the most attention on the weekly youth gathering when, in fact, most students will grow deeper in their relationships with Jesus as they go on mission with other students. It is in the environment of mission that God often does his greatest work in the lives of our students students’ lives. In this class, you will learn the importance of empowering your students to do sometimes scary things for the sake of the gospel.


Kelley Lopez
Preparing for Spiritual Warfare
We have a cunning enemy in the Devil. The apostle Peter says he is “like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.” The Bible also teaches us that we have a powerful weapon against him. We should not take lightly the reality of spiritual warfare. In this session, come see what the Scripture has to say about your enemy’s war tactics. Learn how to wield a powerful weapon for more victories in your day-to-day spiritual battles.


Josh Carter
Mobilizing Everyday Missionaries
This breakout will explore key principles for unlocking and empowering individuals within your church community to embrace their roles as everyday missionaries. Whether you’re a church leader seeking to mobilize your congregation or an individual eager to engage more deeply in mission, this session will provide valuable insights and actionable steps towards unleashing the missionary potential within the church.


Zel Mengistu
Understanding and Engaging Your Muslim Neighbors with the Gospel
Islam is the second largest and fastest growing religion in the world and dominates the infamous “10-40 window” that has drawn the focus of world mission for decades. But you probably know there are Muslims living around us as our neighborhoods. This class will clarify what your Muslim neighbors believe and show you how to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them with clarity and gentleness.


Ken Braddy
Seeing Around Corners: The Future of Group Ministry
“We’re not in Kansas anymore!” Things are different in our post-COVID group ministry world, but some things will remain the same. We need to anticipate the changes that are coming, while capitalizing on the things that aren’t. We’ll explore 7 trends that will affect your group ministry, and individual groups within it.