Ben Borgman
Jesus is The Model for Life & Ministry (Repeated in Session 3)
Just as important as the words and teachings of Jesus are to our daily Christian life, so too is how He did ministry.  Jesus was highly relational, intentional, and strategic.  What He modeled for us in His earthly ministry is vitally important to our lives and ministries as disciple-makers.  Join us for this practical breakout looking at the earthly ministry of Jesus so that our model for life and ministry would be His.


Ken Braddy
“Ken’s 10”—Top 10 Tips for Teaching a Group Bible Study
Would you like to do a better job leading your group’s Bible study? Would you like to know how to make quick changes as you teach to draw people into more active and engaging Bible study? Come and learn 10 of the best tips for teaching a group Bible study!


Adam Erlichman
Cultivating Meaningful Relationships in Groups
Are you gathering with your group but still missing meaningful relationships? Do you feel like the relationships in your group should be further along by now? Not sure how to handle conflict? This session is a roundtable discussion where we’ll tackle issues on relationships, biblical community, conflict resolution, and more.


Lauren Garboski
Mental Health Matters: Navigating Mental Health in the World of Ministry
Whether because of negative stigmas or uncomfortable thoughts, we have probably all been guilty of rushing past the important topic of mental health for both ourselves and those we lead. Ministry leaders and volunteers need to focus on their own mental health so that they can then address the mental health needs of those they lead. This class will offer helpful tools to addressing mental health needs and offer guidance on when to get a clinical therapist involved in certain counseling situations.


Reesa Scott
Teaching Kids to Overcome the World’s Hot Topics
The world is throwing hard topics at kids and confusing them with mixed messages.  Learn how to address these hard topics with kids and provide them with a biblical counterpoint to the world’s narrative.


Brett Cargile
Vintage Student Ministry
Some things were never meant to be left in the past. Methods change, but the foundational message of the gospel does not. As the culture changes, youth leaders and students alike often wrestle with being relatable and relevant without compromising the truth of God’s Word and the message of salvation. Join us as we explore four essential elements that will impact an ever-changing culture with the unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ within student ministry.


Chip Riggs
Gospel Fueled Grit: How to Have Passion and Sustained Persistence toward Long-Term Ministry
How do we know if what we’re doing in ministry is by God’s strength and not our own? Are our tireless labors aligned to God’s purpose and plan? What does it take to really toil in the “harvest field”? To answer these questions, we’ll investigate what it means to have a “gritty ministry” – a long-term, sustainable ministry born out of blood, sweat, tears… and the Gospel!


Reba Bowman
Let it Go: The Faith to Forgive
There is a promise and a power that is linked to forgiveness. Yet forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do and definitely one of the hardest things to counsel others through. This session will the cover the keys to forgiveness as taught by Jesus to his disciples. You will leave here equipped to help others find freedom that is found in Christ.


Matt Phillips
Enhancing Your Church’s Brand Identity: Intentional Messaging for Kingdom Impact
From the parking lot to the pulpit and across all digital platforms, your church communicates a message. But are you aware of what that message is? This session will delve into the heart of a church’s brand identity, encouraging a thoughtful examination of how we present ourselves to both our congregation and the wider community. We’ll explore strategies for aligning our messaging with a kingdom-focused vision, ensuring our communication is intentional, impactful, and reflective of our faith-values.


Austin Ryan
The #1 Solution for a Successful Worship Ministry (Repeated in Session 3)
Every worship ministry team has…or should have…seven core values. This class will highlight each of these values and focus in on the one that holds all of them together. Not only will you learn these core values, but you will also learn how to implement them into your own leadership and into the lives of every person on your team. Hundreds of worship teams are living out these values, and finding more and more strength and togetherness as they do.


Tyson James
Dispelling Disbelief
Persuasive argumentation has always been integral to the church’s mission of spreading the Gospel and making disciples. Each generation is faced with new challenges, so it’s vital that today’s church understands the current state of disbelief and develops an appropriate response. In this talk, you will learn key characteristics of today’s disbelief and a plan for maximal persuasiveness based on years of experience of ministry to unbelievers.


Andrew Reed
Aspiring to Eldership
Paul says in 1 Timothy 3:1, ““If anyone aspires to be an overseer, he desires a noble work.” If a church is active in discipleship, it should be a normal occurrence for some to grow in their leadership and begin to desire the office of elder. However, often church leaders are not sure how to handle these aspirations or how to develop these leaders in becoming elders. This session will encourage current and aspiring elders on how to identify and develop these aspirations while remaining humble and unified.


Steve Witt                                          
How the Church Grows through Evangelism and Discipleship
We have heard people say that anything that is alive will grow. Yet recent studies show that many churches are struggling to increase their weekly attendance. We need to ask, “Is the body of Christ part of that problem?” In this session, we will examine 2 important texts, Matthew 28:16-20 and Mark 16:14-18, comparing Christ’s commission to the Church with how we actually function. We will look at strategies to help us remove barriers to become once again obedient, growing, and thriving churches!