Disaster Relief

We are here to help individuals, Churches, and Associations get prepared and organized to provide help, hope, and healing in times of disaster.

What is Southern Baptist Disaster Relief?  It is, in my opinion, the best example of how the cooperative program works.  It is a Christ centered ministry of individual members of local churches working together, with members of other churches in their association, working with other associations within their convention, working with other conventions, all to form the third largest disaster relief organization in the world.

Our MISSION is to be a Christ-centered partnership of national, state, and associational ministries serving through the local church to bring help, hope, and healing to individuals and communities affected by disasters.  Many disaster relief organizations serve only a humanitarian purpose, but that is not us. We are compelled by Christ’s love for all mankind AND his desire that no one should perish. We keep our focus by nurturing our individual relationship with Jesus Christ in the context of a local body of believers who recognize and call out our giftedness in service to God and our neighbors. We never want this ministry to become disconnected from Jesus and his Kingdom purpose.

Through our work, we want people to see Jesus working in and through us. This demonstration of His love often opens doors for sharing the gospel of Jesus as people ask us why. Why did you come all this way to help me?  Why do you do this?  Why do you seem to enjoy this difficult work? Why are you helping a stranger you never met? I have had the pleasure of watching the transformation in a true disciple of Christ when they experience how easy it is to share the love of Christ with someone after they have spent time helping them during a disaster.

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