Ben Borgman
Jesus is The Model for Life & Ministry:
Just as important as the words and teachings of Jesus are to our daily Christian life, so too is how He did ministry. Jesus was highly relational, intentional, and strategic. What He modeled for us in His earthly ministry is vitally important to our lives and ministries as disciple-makers. Join us for this practical breakout looking at the earthly ministry of Jesus so that our model for life and ministry would be His.


Adam Erlichman
Cultivating Meaningful Relationships in Groups
Are you gathering with your group but still missing meaningful relationships? Do you feel like the relationships in your group should be further along by now? Not sure how to handle conflict? In this session, we’ll address issues small group leaders often face in the areas of relationships, biblical community, conflict resolution, and more.


Chuck Williams
Helping Newcomers Move from “Guests” to “Members”
Helping new guests in our churches shouldn’t be a “cross-your-fingers-hope-they-come-back” approach, or a cold, impersonal process. In this session, we’ll learn four essential steps you can take toward connecting the people God brings as guests in your church to belonging as members.


Maddie Hunter
Training Kids to be Little Disciple-Makers
Each generation needs to be equipped to reach others with the gospel. Even children can effectively share the gospel with their peers; but they need to be taught and developed as disciple-makers. In this class, learn appropriate ways to share the gospel with kids, to disciple them, and to then commission them as missionaries to their generation. Learn how you can partner in God’s plan to teach children to be little disciple-makers


Doug Vaughan
Reading for Life: Growing in Christ from Page to Page
Reading is an important part of our spiritual growth as believers, but many of us struggle to read well. Technique is important, but we must also remember that our reading should point us to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. This class will discuss biblical principles for reading the Bible, articles, and books so that we learn well and maximize the level of spiritual growth that is possible through this discipline.


Reba Bowman
Empty Vessels
There are moments in all our lives when we feel like quitting. Ministry is hard and there seems to be no way through at times. This session will look at some moments in the life of Elijah that teach us how to keep pressing on when life is hard.


Ken Hansen
Defending Truth in a World Gone Wild
Are you hungering to make more of a difference as you watch the world grow more and more confused?  This class will seek to provide a simple approach to apologetics and evangelism by which you can engage the lost and, specifically, those who fall into the following camps: Atheism, Agnosticism, Liberalism & Secular Humanism.