Ben Borgman
Jesus is The Model for Life & Ministry:
Just as important as the words and teachings of Jesus are to our daily Christian life, so too is how He did ministry. Jesus was highly relational, intentional, and strategic. What He modeled for us in His earthly ministry is vitally important to our lives and ministries as disciple-makers. Join us for this practical breakout looking at the earthly ministry of Jesus so that our model for life and ministry would be His.


Adam Erlichman
Solving the Volunteer Crisis
The Church today is facing a volunteer crisis! Do you have an empty volunteer bench? Are there holes in your weekly ministry program scheduling? Do you feel like you’re treading water to fill these volunteer spots? Are you merely surviving but want to thrive in leading your volunteer team and ministry? Learn the principles needed to increase your total volunteer base by 30-50% in 6 to 12 months.


Scott Lambreth
The Church’s Role as a Healing Community
Many people in our current society are experiencing spiritual, psychological, and emotional decline. Depression and anxiety are on the rise in our culture, especially in our youth. Beyond referring hurting people to professional therapists, the church can be a place of hope and healing for those struggling through emotional stress and mental health needs. This class will provide a strategy church leaders can implement in helping people heal.


Reesa Scott
Winning at Bible Storytelling
We all know that the Bible content is the most important of Sunday School and VBS. Let’s talk about ways to bring the Bible to life during Bible Study on Sunday and during VBS.


Jeff Lynn
Leadership Essentials
Whether you are a pastor, associate pastor, or overseeing a ministry, you are a leader. The question is, are you a good leader or a bad leader? This breakout focuses on essential components of spiritual leaders regardless of personality type, spiritual gift, or leadership role. We can all get better at leading!


Reba Bowman
Let it Go: The Faith to Forgive
There is a promise and a power that is linked to forgiveness. Yet forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do and definitely one of the hardest things to counsel others through. This session will the cover the keys to forgiveness as taught by Jesus to his disciples. You will leave here equipped to help others find freedom that is found in Christ.


Joe Taylor
A Simple (but Profound) Gospel Presentation
With the imminent return of Christ at hand, sharing the gospel is as important as ever. This breakout session will prepare you for the “divine appointments” God will send your way with a simple presentation that is easy to learn and simple to adapt to many different situations.